The Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics is using an innovative energy saving technology device the "E-Power" meanwhile supporting environmental CO2 sustainability.

The National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) is the Italian research agency dedicated to the study of the fundamental constituents of matter and the laws that govern them, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR). It conducts theoretical and experimental research in the fields of subnuclear, nuclear and astroparticle physics.

Groups from the Universities of Rome, Padua, Turin, and Milan founded the INFN on 8th of August 1951 to uphold and develop the scientific tradition established during the 1930s by Mr. Enrico Fermi and his school, with their theoretical and experimental research in nuclear physics. In the latter half of the 1950s, the INFN designed and built the first Italian accelerator, the electron synchrotron developed in Frascati, where its first national laboratory was set up.

The E-Power

INFN were very concerned on their high electrical energy consumption and installed an energy efficiency device manufactured by Energia Europa S.p.A., named "E-Power", since 2016. However, achieving true energy efficiency is not only a major benefit for INFN which adopted the E-Power solution but also for the sustainability of the planet. Saving energy means reducing the CO2/NOX emissions in the atmosphere, therefore contributing to slow down pollution and climate change. Today INFN is very proud to their contribution on environmental sustainability and to the overall electrical energy consumption reduction of 6 % with an equivalent reduction in CO2/NOX emissions. The efficiency results obtained in terms of environmental sustainability, in particular, CO2/NOX emissions and energy savings reduction were the important decision-makers to install the E-Power, according to Eng. Gaetano Schillci - INFN National Energy Director and Eng. Paolo Favaron - Technical Division responsible of INFN National Laboratories of Legnaro

E-Power Factory Plant - Mr. Daniele Chiumento (International Business Development Director), Mr. Stefano de Giorgis (CEO of Energia Europa) together with Ms. Barbara Dietrich (CEO of Diplomatic World)

INFN Managing Director - dr. Fabiana Gramegna with her R&D team

All of the INFN's research activities are undertaken within a framework of international competition, in close collaboration with Italian universities on the basis of solid academic partnerships spanning decades. Fundamental research in these areas requires the use of cutting-edge technology and instruments, developed by the INFN at its own laboratories and in collaboration with industries.

During the same period, the INFN began to participate in research into the construction and use of ever-more-powerful accelerators being conducted by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Geneva. Today the INFN employs some 5.000 scientists whose work is recognized internationally not only for their contribution to various European laboratories but also to numerous research centers worldwide.

Diplomatic World interviewed Dr. Fabiana Gramegna - Managing Director INFN Legnaro - with her R&D team dedicated to the research of new nuclear applications for medicine and other disciplines, at the INFN plant located in Legnaro, Padua (Italy).

INFN Presentation Meeting 

The E-Power manufacturer Energia Europa S.p.A. is a company with headquarters, R&D and production unit in the North East of Italy, developing and producing innovative systems for the energy efficiency of industrial sites, retail stores and office buildings. The heart of its production is represented by the patented E-Power energy savings technology, which allows the achievement of real efficiency in an electrical line and electrical end-loads, therefore, true energy savings with equal output and meanwhile creating environmental sustainability. Accordingly, to the recent "European Green Deal" announcement by the European Commission to decrease CO2 emissions and getting CO2 neutral by 2050. Therefore is the E-Power a well-placed technology that will monitor and register all energy & CO2 savings at your site with the embedded epowernow dashboard, allowing to print all kinds of reports required for ISO 50.001 energy efficiency accreditations. 

How does it work? 

Prof. dr. Francesco Grasso - University of Florence  

"Imagine you (you are an electrical end-load) jump and need to swim 100 meters in 10 minutes in a swimming pool. While swimming to the other side of the pool (the electrical network/grid), you will create, by your own, waves from arms and legs movements in the pool. Imagine you do this action again, but meanwhile you jump into the pool, another 20 people also jump into the pool and creating all kinds of waves (people arms and legs activity) will resist your motion, or in other words, you will get more resistance as you swim to the other side of the pool. So, if you want to reach again within 10 minutes to the other side of the pool than you will need to increase your swimming effort with more energy due to the more resistance. Otherwise, you have a technology (the E-Power) in place that eliminates all waves coming against you originated by the other 20 people jumped into the pool. The effect described, what happened in the pool (electrical grid) also happens in any electrical network/grid and by having the E-Power in place, it will substantially reduce the disturbances originated, by the other electrical end-loads, with result in saving energy and stabilizing the electrical grid."

Together with its research partners of the University of Florence led by Prof. dr. Francesco Grasso, they opened the Second Smart Energy Lab, after the first one in Energia Europa, located in Calenzano - near Florence (Italy) - the research laboratory jointly managed by Energia Europa and the department of Information Engineering (DINFO) and Industrial Engineering (DIEF) of the University. As Prof.dr. Francesco Grasso said - "The main mission of the Smart Energy Lab in Calenzano, a structure of more than 1.000 square meters where are working about 20 researchers, is to study and measure the effects generated by E-Power on the Power Quality, in order to develop new innovative solutions aimed at further enhancing the effectiveness of the E-Power device on the electrical network. The cooperation with universities and research institution does not stop at the Italian borders. We keep an intense joint R&D activity with prestigious international institutions, such as the Politechnical University of Madrid, Spain, and two prestigious research institutes in Germany and Poland." Meanwhile, the EP-Mini is in deployment for the small business and household market.

Energia Europa S.p.A. can count with more than 1.000 operational E-Power's at important client sites throughout Europe in many different business fields, including almost all major retail chains and primary manufacturers in the plastic, mechanical, chemical and automotive industries. Many of these International corporations are actually deploying this technology into their sites worldwide. Clics Toys factory is one of them and is a manufacturer of educational toys. European children have enjoyed these Belgium made popular building toys for years, and now kids worldwide can too. Since 2012, Clics Toys opted for an E-power to obtain energy savings with a sustainable production and environmental stability. Among other European clients are City of Antwerp (BE), ClicsToys (BE), Carrefour Market (BE), Manor Group (CH), Mikron (CH), Peroni (IT), Metro/Makro (DE), Findus (IT), FCA (IT), Municipality of Madrid and many others ....

INFN - E-Power Video Testimonial

Eng. Paolo Favaron - Technical Division responsible             INFN National Laboratories of Legnaro

Lab's INFN di Legnaro 

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