Wholistic World Innovation Trophy


In times of recovering from the Corona crisis the Wholistic World Innovation Trophy (WWIT) is THE annual independent, highly exclusive global award on technical, social or in short holistic innovation. How can it be utilized to sustainably improve our societies via the telecommunication, internet, media, and entertainment (TIME) industries!


The current increasingly technology driven change has a huge impact on our societies bymaking people feel uneasy and longing for past structures that had made them feel secure. However, post Corona innovation is not purely technology driven anymore. Globalization and business itself need to be thought in a different, wholistic way. Media and Entertainment is content, and content is data. Therefore, it takes a key role in both, innovation cycles and how to monitor and comprehend it.

Both, media and entertainment, are among the first ones to be disrupted by technical innovation. At the same time, they have tremendous influence on our societies. WIT intends to create broad awareness for these issues: raise a voice to help the industries to adapt to change, technology and society, and to be able to fulfil their responsibility towards a sustainable society, to help creating a better future world for everybody. It also creates awareness in the wider public for both the TIME industries' role and the potentially positive impact of innovation.

Therefore, we identify one exclusive innovation not only in the TIME sector which an independent board determines to be the most influential one of that year. DWI is only the facilitator, providing the framework to reach an independent decision, free from any industry or social groups' interest.


We launch the WIT jury process in September. The first ever WIT will be presented early in 2021. We shortly will announce more detail depending on the Corona situation. 


  • Suggestions for the unsolicited white list are collected from the organizations behind the jury board members.
  • There will be three suggestions from each party.
  • Board member names one trusty who will come up with one suggestion, collecting two more from the network (not the board member) and forwarding them to academic partner.
  • Full criteria to qualify are defined together with the academic partner VUB who will also oversee the process of collecting the suggestions and create basic dossiers for the board members to base their decisions on.
  • The following jury process will be fully online.


  • In the first round each board member picks one candidate (from all candidates excluding the one suggested by their own organization). There will be up to seven nominees on the short list!
  • The short list will be communicated to the press and the nominees.
  • These will be discussed in the group to decide on the WIT. This can be done by videoconference and in two groups to avoid time-zone problems. This narrows down to two finalists.
  • This will create the need for a third round of (online) voting. Since there is an uneven number of voters there will be a guaranteed winner.


The winner receives an exclusive and unique piece of art from the Icarus Series by internationally renowned Belgian/German artist Ulrike Bolenz.

Ulrike is continuously increasing her global footprint and perfectly fits the task of the award by mixing innovative material with her very own innovative techniques with traditional craft.


Gülden Türktan


W20 of G20 (Istanbul)

Dr. Türktan, appointed in 2015 as the Founding Chair of the W20 - Women 20, the outreach group of G20 as a platform to enhance the women's status and participation in the respective economies of the G20 countries. She is the former (2011-2015) President of KAGIDER, the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey. She is now a member of the Presidential Council of KAGIDER. In KAGIDER, she undertook the leadership to promote establishment of W20 and she was appointed as the founding President of the W20, the women outreach group of the G20 that supports gender-inclusive business and economic growth for all G20 countries. From 1988 to 2008, she worked as a professional executive and board member of ABB, a Swiss-Swedish engineering company. By training she is an economist and business school graduate from Bogazici University and New York University. She is serving in the Boards of various companies and all together she has accumulated almost 100 years of Board membership experience. She makes speeches and writes articles on the topics of leadership and organizational improvements, management, future of work and corporate governance as was well as gender. Dr. Turktan has been invited to be a member of the Advisory Council for Gender and Development for the World Bank Group in 2016. In September 2018, Dr. Gülden Turktan received the "Public Recognition Award of the Second Eurasian Women Forum of 2018" in St. Petersburg, Russia. She has been recently elected to be the President of the Board of International Women Forum in Turkey.

Rini Elizabeth Mukkath

Senior Industry Expert (Asia)

Luxe Code (Mumbai) 

Rini Elizabeth Mukkath is the Editor of Luxe Code, a magazine that explores art, design and the visual culture that impacts us. Before starting Luxe Code, she was Assistant Editor at The Hindu, a leading English daily in India, and covered stories ranging from art history, travel, and culture to human interest pieces. She has also written stories on human trafficking, interviewing victims in the U.S and the legal team supporting them, as well as the civil war in Sri Lanka, after speaking with local government bodies, aid workers and the victims of violence. During the course of her career as a newspaper journalist, she transitioned to a more dynamic role as the industry shifted to a digital-first medium. With her current role in the magazine industry, she looks at revenue streams that address the digital disruption the print media is experiencing. She received the Deutsche Welle fellowship for attending the Global Media Forum in 2014. She participates in various social events as a speaker and mentor and is keen to use the power of the media to address development challenges; particularly, human rights and education. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Stella Maris College in India and holds a Master in International Journalism from Cardiff University, United Kingdom.

Wendy Van den Broeck 

Academic Partner

VUB (Brussels)

Wendy Van den Broeck is Assistant Professor in communication sciences at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. She is also head of the living labs unit and senior researcher within the imec-smit research group. Her main research expertise is in the domain of personalised and immersive media, advertising, and smart education. She also has an interest in research methodology and focuses mainly on living lab research and user research methods to foster media innovation. In the WIT board she follows Karen Donders who left VUB to become director public policy at Flemish public broadcaster VRT.

Lori H. Schwartz 

Experiential Marketing Expert (America)

Lori is an experiential marketing executive whose StoryTech initiative pairs brands, storytellers & technology companies together to foster business success. StoryTech's trends briefings, curation & tour products have become well known globally through their work @CES, @NAB, @NATPE and @IBC to name a few. Lori also collaborates directly with top creative and strategic executives like AT&T, ShowTime, HP and Clorox to ensure their understanding of emerging business models while designing unique experiences to create engagement. Los Angeles Based, Lori is a CNN Technology Contributor and a frequent speaker at major industry events & private companies to facilitate conversations around new business models & technology innovation. She sits on the Board of Governors for the Television Academy (Emmys). Previously, Lori was Chief Technology Catalyst for McCann Worldgroup, NA, where she was responsible for driving technology innovation at one of the world's largest marketing communications companies. She was the principal to launch the highly regarded IPGLAB(https://www.ipglab.com/) where she advised Fortune 500 clients like General Motors, Nestle, Sony and Yum! Brands. A true 'Technology Catalyst', she has been profiled as one of the "30 Executives Shaping the Evolution of Media & Technology" by Variety and "100 People to Have Lunch with" by MediaPost Publications. Coming this fall is "What's Your Tech Story", her first business book featuring a selection of interviews from conversations with executives and entrepreneurs covering a variety of hot technology and media topics from her weekly podcast, The Tech Cat Show, available on all the major podcast outlets.

Kirtan Bhana

Senior Industry Expert (Africa)

TDS (Pretoria)

Kirtan Bhana has been in the business of media for the past 30 years in various capacities. He has witnessed the transformation of the media industry as a journalist, and as a media owner. He has experienced the challenges facing media on all the relevant platforms and has had to adapt to the new environment that the fusion of news, entertainment and technology created. As a Diplomatic media since 1997, as founder of Foreign Exchange, The Diplomatic Society media platforms here in Pretoria, South Africa he has a wealth of knowledge of international relations as it relates to South Africa and Africa's engagements with the world. 

Maria Dolores Rua Aguete 

Senior Industry Expert (Europe)

Omdia (London) 

Maria Rua Aguete is Senior Research Director for TV, Video and Advertising at Omdia, the newly merged business intelligence entity of Informa Tech and IHS Markit Technology. She is a keynote speaker and member to many industry boards. Media and entertainment analyst with 20 years experience in the TMT sector.Maria is a skilled media and entertainment executive, with extensive contacts and strong relationships with broadcasters, studios, telcos and media companies worldwide. She currently leads a team of analysts tracking the evolution of media companies globally and leads the Consumer Research around - Vídeo, TV, Devices, Media & Usage. Maria joined media analyst firm Screen Digest in May 2000, where she formed and launched the Television research team before it was acquired by IHS Markit (and now part of #InformaTech). Maria has collected many accolades throughout a storied career, and she is one of only 11 Technology Fellows named by IHS Markit during her time at the company, an honor that recognizes her deep expertise and exceptional standing within the analyst community. Maria holds a first-class degree in economics and business studies from Vigo University in Spain, and an MBA from Cardiff Business School in Wales. 

Jonathon Hutchinson

Senior Industry Expert (Australia)

University of Sidney

Jonathon Hutchinson is a lecturer in online media and researcher of internet governance, cultural intermediation and public service broadcasting at the University of Sydney. Hutchinson (Ph.D. 2013, ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, Queensland University of Technology) has recently completed his thesis investigating the role of user-generated content within the ABC. During this time, he trained as an ethnographer in both online and offline environments and is also skilled at organizational ethnography. Hutchinson has been published in the Australian Journal of Communication, Media International Australia, M/C Journal and Platform, and is the 2013 winner of the Australian and New Zealand Communications Association's Grant Noble Prize for Best Postgraduate Student Paper Award. He is currently co-editing (with Jean Burgess and Kathleen Kuehn) an international collection titled Digital Media and the Creative Industries: Platforms, Politics and Participation (Routledge, forthcoming).


Ulrike Bolenz, a German-Belgian artsist, has developed a highly individual body of work that lies somewhere between tradition and experiment. Her works are extremely fascinating to look at because they show and conceal themselves simultaneously. Ulrike Bolenz offers us fragments of stories, but she speaks in halfwords, erasing traces as if she wanted to keep an unspoken secret concealed.

Born in 1958 in Germany, Ulrike Bolenz lives and works in the Belgium. She graduated in 1979 from the Art Academy in Kassel by Prof Manfred Bluth and Tom J Gramse. Ulrike has featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe and has an impressive list of public assignments and entries in renowed collections and musea.