Katoen Natie Enters Into A Worldwide Exclusive Agreement With Data Specialist Twintag And Takes a Stake In Its Capital.

Antwerp, 10th March 2022 -- Katoen Natie enters into a worldwide exclusive agreement with data specialist Twintag and takes a stake in its capital. "For quite some time, we had been looking for the right way to digitally market our added value in logistics, as well as to digitally shape our sustainability initiatives. 

A successful pilot project with Twintag in Houston during the summer of 2021 clearly hinted in the direction of corporate venturing. 

The mutual interest was immediate and the shared no-nonsense company culture ensured a swift closing of the deal." states Fabian Leroy, Vice President Katoen Natie Group, which will be deploying Twintag technology at customers worldwide, acquiring exclusivity for logistics applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries.