Diplomatic World Magazine

" We Are All Connected "

To become the leading "No Fake News" and opinion-maker in key diplomatic journalistic medium through the publishing, broadcasting and summits of high-level content based on a full-time engagement, direct/constant contacts with European and international officials from Ambassadors, Ministers to European Commissioners, Prime Ministers and national & EU Presidents.

Diplomatic World is the only magazine published on paper in or around Brussels (with four printed editions a year),counting amongst its subscribers all the Embassies in Brussels, all Members of the European Parliament, the DG's of the European Council, Members of the Belgian Government, the Belgian Royal Family and other Heads of State plus many influential economic forums and organizations, advocacy and consultancy bureaus and think-tanks in Brussels, providing this community and a wider public of interested readers with profound and trendsetting insights in the latest diplomatic, international and European evolutions and tendencies (with a special focus on cultural diplomacy, diplomatic economy, trade, business, art and health).

The high-level content of Diplomatic World is based on a full-time engagement and direct/constant contacts with European and international officials - from Ambassadors and Ministers to European Commissioners, prime Ministers and national and EU Presidents. 

Through the high-quality paper publication, followed and circulating intensively inside the Brussels bubble and in other diplomatic capitals, and through the further online dissemination of the editions published under the supervision of Ms. Dietrich, Diplomatic World has a very wide reach and can claim the status of a key diplomatic-journalistic medium and opinion-maker.