International Events

Are We Ready For The Blockchain Revolution

Tuesday 19th October 2021 - 14:15h GMT

Dieter Borckmeyer from Diplomatic World Institute organised the German roundtable section of the World Business Angel Investors Week that will take place on Tuesday  19th of October 2021 on ZOOM. The next panel will answering the question on if Germany is Ready for the Blockchain Revolution with another great lineup of expert speakers: 

Kristina Ehle of Morrison & Foerster LLP Berlin, RIDDLE&CODE 

The Blockchain Interface Company's Sebastian Becker and Prof. Philipp Sandner, the leading German blockchain expert. This panel too will be in German.

Public Private Partnerships for Green City Solutions

TUESDAY 20 JULY 2021 from 4.00-5.00 P.M. CET

Don't miss the webinar on public-private partnerships for green city solutions organised by the World Forum of Democracy in collaboration with the Council of Europe in which the Finnova Foundation will participate.

The event will explore the different approaches taken by cities to meet climate goals, discuss the challenges and benefits associated with public-private partnerships, highlight the role of innovative greenfinance strategies and identify ways to increase transparency, civil participation and responsiveness.

Summer Peace Summit 2021

Meeting of the P50 Community - 1st July 2021

The Third Summer Peace Summit, an annual large meeting of women of the Peace 50 community, will take place online on July 1. Women from different countries will share their ideas and experience in the implementation of projects aimed at preserving the planet. Barbara Dietrich and Marina Volynkina, the founders of the P50 community, told us more about the forthcoming event.

The Peace 50 community members believe that women have a unique force and bear a big responsibility for the preservation of peace for the current and future generations. That is why this year's summit will be dedicated to the topic Preserving the Planet - Global Call to Action.

"The Summer Peace Forum 2021 is of particular importance. The people are highly conscious of environmental challenges and do their best to protect air, water and natural habitats. But the ongoing pandemic has changed the way we live. People have worries and doubts. We are responsible for the future of all of us", said Barbara Dietrich.

Preserving the planet is a global challenge in terms of bringing up certain behaviour in people and promoting the need for active action aimed at strengthening horizontal relations, the development of policies of good neighbourliness, and spiritual kinship.

The Peace 50 community members are women leaders from different countries and fields of activity concerned about the future of the world. Each P50 member carries out active work in her own direction, implements socially significant initiatives, and represents her active position at international forums and conferences. The Summer Peace Summit is a platform giving women an opportunity to share their best practices, support one another, and implement joint social projects.

TES Affiliate Conferences

COVID has cut deep into our ability to network live at conferences. As there is now light at the end of the tunnel and cautious optimism is slowly returning we believe that during this transition period we will unite the best of both the Live and Virtual worlds with our first Hybrid Conference. 

Webinar - Investing in Maldives

Tourism, Fishries and Renewable Energy

Wednesday, 26 June 2021 / 12h00 (CET)

The Embassy of the Maldives in Brussels organises on 16 June a webinar devoted to investment opportunities in the fields of Tourism, Fisheries and Renewable Energy.

The Webinar will provide direct and up-to-date information to European businesses and investors on the investment opportunities in the above-mentioned fields.

Webinar - Innovation Diplomacy

Saturday, 29 May 2021 /  10h00 - 11h30 (CAT)

The Covid-19 pandemic that is affecting the whole world has brought to the fore a number challenges. In Dieter Brockmeyer's book Pandemia's Box he discusses issues around the question of our response to the virus and whether or not it was too strong will go on for years to come. "I doubt we ever will get a clear answer. However, the joint impact of both viruses and response is clear. It was like opening Pandora's Box. Our lives went to pieces. We lost (in part) our freedom, our jobs, in some cases even our lives. However, any crisis includes opportunity. We needed to think about our lives in new ways. We were in sudden need of innovation in a wide definition." As lockdowns were announced and travel and face to face interactions restricted, the way in which diplomacy was carried out also changed. What does this new diplomacy entail and how will it affect the future of diplomacy.

Multilateralism, Peace and Security


Tuesday 6th - 8th October 2020

Club de Madrid, in coordination with the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), holds a Policy Lab on Multilateralism, Peace and Security. By bringing together the former Heads of State and Government that make up Club de Madrid, leading international experts and decision-makers, we will seek mechanisms that contribute to a multilateral system that sustains peace and prosperity.

Societies from all over the world continue to suffer the consequences of escalating crisis and the impact of growing worldwide instability. The fact that the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to increasing progress in peace and development demonstrates just how exposed our mechanisms to achieve these goals are. This is even more worrying when considering that the UN Secretary General's Global Ceasefire has not been able to deliver a significant reduction in violent conflict.

Nevertheless, we need to be aware of the assets in our arsenal. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a key achievement of contemporary multilateralism, provides a blueprint for global peace and prosperity. The 75th Anniversary of the United Nations is also an opportunity to make today's multilateral framework better fit to sustain peace. 

The Knowledge Heroes Society

Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Knowledge and ideas enrich our lives, allowing us to better understand the complex world around us with a sharper eye. Knowledge and ideas trigger us to stay alert, take new paths, remain critical and also to become a little smarter. - Bert Van Thilborgh -

(Picture) Bert Van Thilborg - Initiator of The Knowledge Heroes Society (Owner & Founder of Futureproved Trendwatchers)

For our first session, on Tuesday 6 October 2020, we will organise a real life and coronaproof event for a small group of up to 25 participants at Kasteel Villers in my hometown of Schoten. 

For our kick off, we have invited Prof. Dr. Rudy Aernoudt. Professor Aernoudt recently wrote the book Coronavirus: Electroshock for Belgium. 

In that book he presents interesting propositions and ideas about how we could organise our economy, politics and society in postcoronate times. 

The ideas in the book are a real eye-opener, but also provide food for discussion. I hope to welcome you at our first event.

Bert Van Thilborg - Diplomatic World Creative Director & Trendwatcher - As a trend watcher, innovation specialist and futurologist, I am lucky to meet interesting people, who have a good story and strong ideas and who are also at the basis of brilliant innovations. I meet these inspiring people at congresses and conferences or I read their books or contact them when I am doing research for my first book, articles or trend presentations.

That is why we have just launched a new initiative. This initiative is called The Knowledge Heroes Society, which we want to grow into a club of knowledge heroes, in which we will regularly invite speakers, authors, but also other fascinating figures with a story, to share their ideas with a select audience.


(Picture) Prof. Dr. Rudy Aernoudt


Prof. Dr. Rudy Aernoudt 

Experienced Professor Corporate Finance and European policy and outstanding International and European experience (MIT, European commission, European Council and European Social and Economic Committee); multiple Chief of Staff positions. Experienced and skilled in Corporate Social Responsibility. Masters in Thomistic Philosophy (KUL), Economy (KUL) and European economy (college of Europe). Co-founder of EBAN, the European Business Angels Network and founder of FREE (the foundation for the research on education and entrepreneurship). Besides, he is columnist (FD Magazine, CXO and Trends) and author of several books (25+) and papers (300+) on corporate finance, politics and economics. His handbook 'Financial Management in Practice' is widely used both in academic and business world. 

Spain (Badajoz) will host the International Forum of Blockchain and Technological Innovation

Friday 16th October  - 10:00h

The forum organised by the Iberian Institute Blockchain and the firms Área Financiera and De La Fuente will bring together national and international references in the fields of cyber security, technological innovation and the Blockchain on 16 October in Badajoz.

The event is supported by highly prestigious organisations such as the Diplomatic World Institute, the European Finnova Foundation, La Escuela de Negocios y Dirección and the technology firm Eternity.

The event, organised by means of a face-to-face and virtual system in the times of Covid-19 , has as its fundamental objectives in the public sphere to highlight to the public administrations the importance of the new sectors of blockchain technology, cyber-security or digitalisation, aspects which have come to stay in a society aimed at accelerating its protocols in these fields.

Similarly, in the private executive sphere, the forum is structured around the achievement of several objectives. On the one hand, the generation of a training space for those attending in sectors of great growth and productive development, on the other hand, the generation of business opportunities and business networking, and finally the promotion of the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem.

Among the confirmations to this forum of great international relevance are those of the former head of the Chilean Government's Digital Agenda, Miguel Escassi - the engineer expert in Smart Cities and member of the Intelligent Community Forum, Agustín Argelich - the General Director of the Finnova Foundation, Juan Manuel Revuelta. Names that will be joined by international references such as the head of the European Commission's DG CNECT, Massimiliano Dragoni.

More than 30 speakers will speak at this unique event that will bring together a programme of workshops, conferences, round tables and networking opportunities in the city of Extremadura.

All of this will comply with current security measures in the field of Covid-19 with a commitment to a face-to-face event - limiting capacity according to regulations - and digital. Free registration is now open on the official website of the International Forum.

SIIA 5th Impact Summit 2020

Planet, Humanity and Finance

Monday 26th - 27th of October 2020

SIIA  - The Swiss Impact Investment Association organizes an annual Impact Summit where Financial Professionals, Policy Makers, Investors, Impact Start-Ups and Representatives of Academia come together to shape so



Connect with your Peers : Get in touch with like-minded people in a unique virtual environment, that draws from the collective wisdom of the whole Impact Investment conversation to present exclusive insights you won't hear anywhere else.


Influential Industry Names: The summit merges global powerhouse names, with leading innovative Start-Ups as well as mainstream investors with mission driven foundations, federal and national policymakers, activists and scholars.


Interact and Engage : Have your chance to raise questions to our expert speakers through live audience Q&A, and learn more about your peers' aspirations through live polling sessions.


Planet, Humanity and Finance: Enjoy a two-day conference featuring key topics, delivered by industry experts at the forefront of the Impact Investment movement. Combining strategic direction setting with practical guidance - this agenda is designed to give finance professionals valuable perspectives and the core skills, needed to operate in the rapidly evolving market.


The Impact Investment Community: The yearly event unifies leading stakeholders across the investment community to provide practical insights to advance your Impact Investment journey. The Swiss Impact Investment Association is the industry's central hub, amplifying the voice of Impact Investment.ciety's future.