The Future of Work

Dieter Brockmeyer talks with Christian Salow, publisher of the finance expert portal "altii" that also holds this podcast, about the future of work and shows the influence of digitization on job cuts in the financial industry. Overall, new jobs will be created, but conventional jobs will fall by the wayside in a transition phase. Adaptation and constant reinvention can be strategies to deal with the challenge.

Dieter is an innovation expert and one of the seven founders of the Diplomatic World Institute, which was founded as a spin-off of the Diplomatic World magazine.

altii says: "The Diplomatic World Magazine in Brussels is the journal for global decision-makers from politics, business, culture and finance."

Neuro & Human Diplomacy


- Vincenzo Ligorio, Vice-Rector for the international Relation, Professor of international relations and Neuropolitics

- Dieter Brockmeyer, Co-founder and Director Innovation and TIME, Diplomatic World Institute

• • •

During this webinar the speakers will discuss about the evolution of the human diplomacy and how the technology changed it. We will focucs on the application of neuro-science in people relationships and how certain methods and techniques are used in order to achieve better results in the field of diplomacy. This webinar is an introduction to the future course of Neuro-Diplomacy . Partecipants will have the possibility to interact with the speakers.