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The Stories Behind The Remarkable Artworks

From Sunday 19th to Sunday 26th of June 2022 at Brussels Expo 

Brussels, From Sunday 19th to Sunday 26th of June 2022, BRAFA will host 115 galleries at Brussels Expo, selected with care for a circuit that will retrace more than 5000 years of history. 10,000 to 15,000 works ranging from archaeology to contemporary art and design will be offered to collectors. 

Some of them have a distinctive story, be it their provenance, a connection to another artist, or a particular anecdote.  

'The Days Were Snowy but Warm' by Oh Myung Hee 

At Palazzo Mora (Venice) from April 2022

Professor (h.c.) Oh Myung Hee was active at the College of Art & Design, Suwon University and served as Associate researcher at Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA).

She graduated from Sejong University & Seoul Arts High School. Oh Myung Hee embarked on her artistic journey back in 1995, and has hitherto been hosted by a plethora of galleries, cultural institutions, art fairs and museums in her native Korea, but likewise in China, Japan and Western Europe.
'The Days Were Snowy But Warm' is partnered with SAMSUNG The Frame, and sponsored by Korea Foundation and NvirWorld. It takes place in the framework of the Personal Structures project chaired by the European Cultural Centre held at Palazzo Mora, and opens to the public on 23rd April 2022 to the public for a duration of six months.

The show is curated by Tatiana Palinkasev and Éva McGaw.  

How The Cultural Sector Can Help Business

There is a fundamental disconnection between the corporate ecosystem and the culture and creative sectors (CCS), down to individual artists and designers themselves. But cross-sector collaboration can provide a way for creatives to provide innovative skills and strategies for business that can prove invaluable in today's turbulent world. As we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, next-generation economies and a more networked society, the current disconnection risks haemorrhaging high-value human capital that can be used to build such a future.

Art Connects Women

Dubai, March 2022 - Diplomatic World is very proud to be part of a wonderful cultural initiative:

 The 5th Edition of "Art Connects Women", taking place in March 2022 in Dubai, on occasion of International Women's Day.

Living Tomorrow

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