A new Innovation Culture for the Planet

The Wholistic World Innovation Trophy is based on the concept of Wholistic Innovation:

Covid-19 and the geopolitical situation changed the way we live dramatically – and it accelerates the speed of change. This provides new risk but also new opportunities. We need to innovate not only in a technical sense but in every part of our lives, societies, the economy.

It has an impact on our culture, finance, and health systems. This provides the chance to tackle the planet's burning problems and to come up with solutions faster and more sustainably as it would be in "normal" times. We need a wholistic approach to handle all this. We do need a new culture of innovation, open for solutions that work in the long and not only in the short perspective.

The concept is explained in the book "Pandemia's Box" available in English and German:


"An excellent analysis of our times - I think perhaps the only one so far." 

John O'Beirne Ranelagh, TV executive, author of "Thatcher's People", Cambridge

"Wow, what a challenge! Dieter has the absolutely convincing approach." 

Prof. Dr. Jo Groebel, Director Deutsches Digital Institut, Berlin

"This is a completely new way to approach these issues." 

Prof. Dr. Vincenco Ligorio, Dean GBSB Business School, Valetta