The WWIT laureate receives an exclusive art object from the world-renowned artist Ulrike Bolenz from her Icarus series. The Icarus motive is the perfect metaphor for what human creativity and entrepreneurship can accomplish and a warning at the same time of the risks.

Ulrike Bolenz is a German-Belgian painter and photosculptor. From 1979 she studied painting at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Kassel with Manfred Bluth and Tom J. Gramse.

Bolenz lives and works in her studio in Vilvoorde near Brussels. Her artistic techniques are a symbiotic combination of photography and painting on translucent organic and inorganic materials Her fragmentary depictions of dissolving human bodies with incorporated DNA chains and the duplication of rudimentary bodies crisscrossed with scanner lines reflect the artist's engagement with current issues such as cloning, the "mechanization" of humans and the technophilic modern society.