Finnova Foundation & Diplomatic World Institute join efforts on the Creation of an Awareness Platform for the Next EU Economic Diplomacy Generation

Barbara Dietrich (Diplomatic World), Juan Manuel Revuelta (Finnova Foundation), Jean Aznar (Diplomatic World)

(Brussels, 10th July 2020) - FINNOVA FOUNDATION Its name is intended to evoke the drive of innovative initiatives (Innova) through the appropriate European financial instruments.

In this sense, Finnova offers a structured and integrated dialogue in strategic information systems, training, dissemination of results at global and local level and the exchange of information and communication between entities as diverse as international financial institutions, technological institutes, universities, private sector companies and public administrations with the aim of publicizing the different ways of financing by the European Union in the areas of environment, water, health, public works, energy efficiency, sustainable tourism, ICT and entrepreneurship.

Both parties decided to join their efforts by signing a Partnership agreement with the aim to create a better awareness of all Finnova's Foundation initiatives within the Worldwide Diplomatic Community and beyond.    

Juan Manuel Revuelta, CEO Foundation of Finnova said "It is an honor for Finnova and especially myself to be here today partnering with the Diplomatic World Institute. By doing so, we will reinforce the strategies of economic diplomacy that Finnova and I have been working on for more than 20 years in the framework of circular economy, creation of green jobs, sustainable development, and private public partnership. Together we intend on supporting the talented and promising world of European startups through a series of tools such as e-learning platforms, roundtables, and networks, all of which will allow young Europeans to learn from experts and better understand the concepts of innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship, as well as the role that the EU institutions play in funding at the local, regional, and international level. Additionally, I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to extend an invitation to all embassies to encourage their nationals under 30 years old to participate in a 3-month training program in Brussels that includes a course in Management of European Funds. Finnova has already had the pleasure to host students through cooperation with the Embassies of Chile and Panama.

Barbara Dietrich, owner and CEO of Diplomatic World & Jean Aznar, Public Relations of Diplomatic World said "Finnova's Foundation expertises in guiding and structuring innovative start-ups with the support of European Financial instruments is very important to create prosperity, welfare and peace for all next and future generations to come within any country worldwide."

FINNOVA FOUNDATION is the European Foundation that works for the constant bet of the business innovation and the excellence of the applied knowledge through the development of the talent and its international and interregional connection. To this end, it promotes multiple networks and high-level events with the purpose of seeking resources and European funding related to technological transfer, modernization and competitive development of public and private entities at all levels at international, regional and local. Its head office is located in the heart of Brussels (Belgium) a short distance from the Institutions of the European Union.



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Juan Manuel Revuelta, + 32 475 97 42 77

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