The Finnova Foundation And The Ghanaian Embassy In Belgium Renew Their Commitment To Collaborate On Entrepreneurship, Innovation And European Funds

Maame Abena Gyamerah, First Secretary for Diaspora and Economic Affairs; Sena Siaw-Boateng, H.E. Ambassador of Ghana to Belgium; Juan Manuel Revuelta, CEO Finnova and Senior Advisor Next Generation EU Economic Diplomacy at the Diplomatic World Institute; Yasmine Horta Rodrigues, Junior International Cooperation in Africa at Finnova; Natalia Cediel Contreras, Coordinator of the International Cooperation Department at Finnova; Celia Arroyo, Junior International Cooperation and Female Entrepreneurship; and Rafael Arias Guardiola, Co-Director of Entrenaranjos International School.

  • Finnova Foundation, ambassadors of the Afrimac 2 project, visits the Ghanaian Embassy in Belgium
  • The Embassy of Ghana presents its priorities for the new term of office
  • EntreNaranjos International School was present at the meeting to reinforce the importance of encouraging STEM careers in girls

Brussels, 26th August 2022 - In the framework of the Afrimac 2 project, of which the Finnova Foundation is ambassador from Brussels, and in view of the next Afrimac 3 call, the Finnova international cooperation team and the Ghanaian diplomatic corps met at the premises of the Ghanaian Embassy in Belgium. In addition to presenting the activities in which the embassy can participate in Afrimac to promote female entrepreneurship, the different projects of the foundation in the fields of energy, circular economy, agriculture, tourism, fire fighting and prevention, and the Girls4Tech and Women4Tech platforms have been put on the table.

"Innovation and the involvement of women and girls in this process are currently among the topics of greatest interest to the embassy," said Ambassador Sena Siaw-Boateng. "The project launched by Finnova and Rafael Arias Guardiola, Co-director of Entrenaranjos International School, which promotes STEM education for girls is certainly of great interest to us" she said.

During the meeting, the Finnova Foundation expressed its commitment to the new generations in this European Year of Youth. In this sense, it made a commitment to the embassy to carry out international mobility programmes from which young people who want to learn about the world of European funds and projects can benefit. In the same line, Juan Manuel Revuelta, CEO of Finnova and Senior Advisor Next Generation EU Economic Diplomacy of the Diplomatic World Institute, offered his practical knowledge of European funding to the Ghanaian institution and entrepreneurs.

New projects

An important phase for the Finnova Foundation and its cooperation with Ghana has begun again in 2022. Last year, the Spanish-Belgian foundation launched the NextGhanaGeneration collaborative platform, and this year it aims to further strengthen the ties and affinities it has with the African country.

Thus, after this meeting, the Embassy of Ghana and Finnova are preparing to undertake new projects and collaborate on those they are currently working on. The future call for Interreg MAC 2023, events and initiatives within the current Afrimac 2, youth mobility programmes, the promotion of STEM careers in girls, European projects, open innovation initiatives such as Startup Europe Awards and communication on online platforms such as NextGhanaGeneration, are some of the topics that will be developed in the coming months.  


About the Embassy of Ghana in Belgium:

The Ghana Mission in Brussels is accredited to the Kingdom of Belgium, The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the European Union and is responsible for the coordination, promotion and protection of the national interest of Ghana and Ghanaians in the host countries in a manner as to meaningfully contribute to the enhancement of the country's security and socio-economic development. The Mission provides an efficient one-stop reference for general information on Ghana for the effective promotion of trade, investment and tourism.

About Finnova Foundation:

Finnova is the European foundation for financing innovation that seeks to promote public-private cooperation through the transfer of the best available low-cost technological solutions. It aims to address societal challenges such as employment, entrepreneurship, the UN SDGs, the circular economy, waste recovery, sustainable tourism and the fight against climate change. The Finnova Foundation promotes green jobs, economic revival and training and youth employment.

About Afrimac 2:

AFRIMAC 2 is a programme for business, technological, entrepreneurial and innovative exchange in matters of high economic impact between the Canary Islands and West Africa. The main objective is to improve the internationalisation of companies in the cooperation area through the creation of networks and the generation of a knowledge environment with a gender focus.

About Entrenaranjos International School:

Educational institution in Valencia (Spain) that focuses on the cultivation of universal values and the formation of autonomous learning based on study habits and cooperation.

About Diplomatic World Institute:

Sister organization of the Diplomatic World Group (Magazine). The Institute acts as an interface between industries, societies and administrations by creating sustainable partnerships and forums with specific focus on hot-topic global issues such as the development of Africa, creating cultural conditions conducive to understanding, innovation or global transition. The creation and maintaining of a special economic zone with strong free trade and direct investment connections, is of prime concern to the institute. All actions of the Institute have the ultimate goal making an active contribution to protecting worldwide peace and prosperity. The global exchange of cultural and economic goods prevents armed conflicts and increases personal and social wealth. Therefore, the Diplomatic World Institute - among others - acts in close cooperation with FEMOZA - The World Free & Special Economic Zones Federation.