"When Flying Becomes Personal"

JetWorld Nominated by B19 Belfius

JETWORLD nominated for the BELFIUS - B19 Young Talent Award and taking place Tuesday 30th of January 2024 at the DPG building in Antwerp. 

Discover the Future of Entrepreneurship with the B19 Young Talent Award by Belfius, a fantastic new concept from B19 together with Belfius.

What is B19 Young Talent Awards by Belfius?

A series of 7 inspiring evenings in which young entrepreneurs get the opportunity to pitch their company to an expert jury and an enthusiastic audience. The grand final and awards ceremony will take place in Knokke in June 2024.

Your Private Flight Manager

Jetworld CEO Ms. Jessica Espino Gallego & COO Mr. Hendrik Vanderweyen are the new "boutique brokers" of the future, they can offer a highly personalised service to their clients tailored to their needs and preferences. 

Because their staff is small, clients can talk directly to top managers to address issues or concerns. Moreover, because their overhead costs are relatively low, they can offer very competitive prices.

Their customers like to be heard. They find it important to think along. Nothing frustrates them more than when they call their broker and the first thing they hear is 'not possible' or 'no availability'. 

Jetworld thinks along with their customer in solutions.

Know what the client wants. If their request is unique, extraordinary or out of the box, welcome to Jetworld!

Starting up in a crisis like Corona was a choice made by Jetworld many would not make. So ain't no crisis big enough, ain't no request scary enough.

Jetworld looks forward to clients unique, specific, even extraordinary requests and to think along and preferably in solutions. 

You won't often hear Jetworld saying 'NO'.