Diplomatic World Institute in Academic Partnership with Moscow Institute 

Brussels/Moscow, 24th June 2020, Diplomatic World Institute has entered a partnership with Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, a renown private university, and its international department to develop a post-graduate course on the topic of "Human and Neuro Diplomacy". This course for the time being will be fully online with the option to add live elements to it at a later stage. Already in May both partners had joint forces for a first webinar on that subject which was well perceived. 

"Human and Neuro Diplomacy" is a new approach with the on focus on the application of neuroscience in the people relationships and how certain methods and techniques are used to achieve better results in the field of diplomacy and how to use it to foster global innovation and change by including humanitarian needs to find sustainable solutions. 

The course will be offered with the start of next term in October. Additional joint projects are negotiated. 

Prof. Vincenzo Ligorio, Vice Rector for the International Relations of Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis says: "I believe that we have to bring back the classical diplomacy to its original role. This of course includes face-to-face diplomacy. It has a fundamental role to play because it does not only involve skills and knowledge, but also includes cognitive emotions. The cognitive process may influence positively or negatively the results of any negotiation."

Dieter Brockmeyer, CPO of Diplomatic World (Punch Media Group) and Co-Founder and Director Innovation & TIME of Diplomatic World Institute says: "The Corona pandemic has shown how fragile our modern societies are. We need to re-focus on Humanitarian issues and find a new definition of the term "Innovation" to widen beyond technology advancement and increased efficiency. This postgraduate approach enables us to enter into debate about the definition and to bring it together with state of the art "brain" science." 


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Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis is a private Higher Education Institution fully recognized and accredited under the Russian Minister of Higher Education. The Institute implements programs of graduated, postgraduate (postgraduate) professional education in the field of psychology, clinical psychology, psychoanalysis, psychological and pedagogical, Coaching, Human Resource and Leadership. www.inpsycho.ru 

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Prof. Vincenco Ligorio, email: international@inpsycho.ru 

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