Delve Into The Life Of The Legendary World's Best Goalkeeper


The Legendary Football Goalkeeper Jean-Marie Pfaff Gets Pop-up Expo Museum in Beveren After All 


The Legendary Football Goalkeeper

Video Message Jean-Marie Pfaff

"Alone you are strong but together as team you are stronger"

Honorary Citizen of Beveren (Belgium)


Jean-Marie Pfaff is widely regarded as one of the best football goalkeepers and a living legend. The opening of a museum in Beveren (Belgium) is a great way to honour his incredible career and contributions to the sport. Pfaff's goalkeeping skills and achievements have left a lasting impact in the football world.

The museum would provide fans and visitors with an opportunity to delve into Pfaff's illustrious career, showcasing memorabilia, trophies, and artefacts that highlight his remarkable journey. It could also feature interactive exhibits, videos, and photographs that depict Pfaff's most memorable saves, important matches, and personal moments.

Beyond Pfaff's individual achievements, the museum could also serve as a celebration of the history and evolution of goalkeeping. It could showcase the techniques, equipment, and tactics employed by goalkeepers throughout the years, allowing fans to gain a deeper understanding of the position's significance within the game.  

Pfaff's museum could become a must-visit destination for football enthusiasts and fans, and those interested in the history of goalkeeping. It would be a fitting tribute to a player who has made an indelible mark on the world of football and continues to inspire aspiring goalkeepers around the globe.

Also Diplomatic World Institute & Media are thrilled by the establishment of the Jean-Marie Pfaff Fund, dedicated to providing unforgettable and affordable holidays for children whose families are facing financial hardships.

Inspired by the legendary goalkeeper Jean-Marie Pfaff and his passion for making a positive impact, this fund aims to bring joy and happiness to young lives.

We invite you to join us in this noble endeavour. Together, we can make a difference and give deserving children the chance to experience the joy of a holiday. Whether through buying a museum ticket of EUR 5, donations, sponsorships, or volunteering, your support will directly impact the lives of these young individuals and their families.

Jean-Marie's Pfaff trophy cabinet is bountiful: Golden Shoe, best goalkeeper in the world, national champion in the Belgian league and Bundesliga on several occasions, semi-finalist at the 1986 World Cup... 

These and many other trophies can now be admired in the pop-up museum entirely dedicated to the likeable goalkeeper of KSK Beveren, Bayern Munich and the Red Devils.

There are also imaginative jerseys by Maradona (yes, the one from the semi-final of the '86 World Cup), Cruijff, Ronaldo, Kroos to even Michael Schumacher and plenty of jerseys from iconic matches played by Jean-Marie himself. Come admire them and who knows, you might even bump into Jean-Marie himself.

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