Take A Step Forward And Be Part Of The Change

Video - Take A Step Forward And Be Part Of The Change

Club de Madrid Members

Club de Madrid, the largest forum of former presidents and former prime ministers from around the world, has as its main mandate the strengthening of democratic values and practice. In spite of its inevitable imperfections, democracy has served humankind well, making systems and institutions stronger, able to meet citizens' demands. But there is growing evidence that in many places of the world, democracy is wilting away. Club de Madrid´s Annual Policy Dialogue was set on changing the notion that democratic systems can no longer deliver, ahead of the Democracy Summit led by the United States. It is essential to have a more inclusive and global approach, which does not depend exclusively on US leadership and geopolitical interests. For our societies to address their many challenges, democracy needs innovation, and adapt our leadership styles, information ecosystems and institutional settings to the realities of the 21st Century.

While democracies are frequently put to test, having to remain adaptable to new contexts, innovations and challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic entailed unique defiance to their resilience and capacity for renewal. When discussing life in a post-COVID world, many challenges still lie ahead, from equal vaccine distribution to building a strong, resilient, green and inclusive global recovery. Above all, there is an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of different measures and approaches, and to build more robust global strategies for similar future threats. With that in mind, Club de Madrid and its partners created the Global Commission on Democracy and Emergency, to identify good practises for democratic governance in situations of emergency. The goal is to mobilise political will, offering a set of recommendations and helping guide emergency preparedness in democratic contexts worldwide.