• The Embassy of the Republic of Ghana and Finnova held last Tuesday 13th December, the online information session "EU FUNDING: Finnova Partnership with the Embassy of Ghana" in which they presented the current EU actions and funding lines, in particular in the framework of the Interreg MAC III programme for the period 2021-2027. During the briefing, Finnova presented several European projects in which it is currently involved and which can be examples of good practice in both technical and financial terms for Ghana.
    Article by Carolina Rodríguez

The good relationship between the Embassy of the Republic of Ghana and Finnova was evident after the online event "EU FUNDING: Finnova Partnership with the Embassy of Ghana", held last Tuesday 13th December. A telematic session in which Finnova provided its experience in the management of European funds with the aim of presenting potential projects that can create synergies and promote possible partnerships to find innovative solutions that meet the interests and needs of public and private entities in Ghana.

The focus of the session was the presentation of European projects in which the Foundation is involved and which apply within the successful AFRIMAC programme and funding lines available within the framework of the European Interreg - MAC programme for the period 2021-2027. An informative webinar designed not only to strengthen the relationship between the two entities, but also to explore possible collaborations between Ghana-based public and private organisations working in different fields of research and development.


The event, which took place in three panels, provided a platform where participants could explore and build future collaborations and demystify access to European funds available under the Interreg - MAC programme (2021-2027), in which countries such as Ghana are eligible to participate. The ultimate aim of the session was to assess the economic viability and replicability of EU projects in eligible West African countries such as Ghana, Sao Tome, Côte d'Ivoire, Gambia, Senegal and Mauritania.

During the first panel of the session, Carlos David Gutierrez, Director of AFRIMAC and Director of Fuerteventura Smart Island together with Juanma Revuelta, CEO of Finnova, presented some of the existing funding lines such as the INTERREG MAC 2023 programme, and explained the access to European funds,

The second panel continued with the presentation of different European initiatives in which the Foundation is currently involved in order to assess their long-term implementation in Ghana and to contribute to the exchange of technical and financial knowledge between the different stakeholders.

Patricia Cavanillas, Communication Director of Finnova, presented HIBA, a project within the Interreg Poptec programme that promotes the digitalisation of agriculture. Lola Bordás, Marketing Director, presented Women4tech, a project that promotes female entrepreneurship. In the line of mentoring young people, an area in which Finnova is very involved, Alberto Navarro, Training & Employement Project Manager, presented the Next Talent Generation programme, in which they offer advice for the entry of young people into the world of work.

To end this block, Almudena Blanco, in charge of European projects, presented LIFE Ecodigestión 2.0, within the framework of energy and sustainability and Pablo Barrios, expert in cultural management, spoke about innovation in the textile sector and circular economy using the CirCoAX by CircularInnobooster project as an example. An extensive block that dealt with the most important areas to combat climate change and move towards a green, sustainable and digital society.

Finally, a third panel was held, an interactive session where business leaders from public and private entities in Ghana were able to give their views on the feasibility of the projects and take an active role in creating synergies and business networks with the Foundation in the implementation of the projects.


The partnership between the Embassy of Ghana and Finnova signals a diplomatic relationship that aims to make a real difference in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda. Finnova's expertise lies in its ability to identify the funds best suited to the needs and objectives sought by each project: on this occasion, the project leaders at Finnova addressed the financial actions that can be undertaken in the context of AFRIMAC III and introduced new ideas for proposals for projects that could be carried out in the next phase of the programme: AFRIMAC II.

In addition to presenting the activities in which the Embassy can participate in the context of Afrimac, the day created an environment conducive to generating new joint business initiatives promoting the equal participation of women and men. Thanks to the collaboration with the Embassy and its guests, the implementation of value-adding projects in Ghana to provide an adequate and faithful service to the African reality is more possible than ever.


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