Trend Food And Superfood From Austria

Reception Austrian Embassy

Berlin, 7th July 2022 - Trend food and superfood from Austria was the theme of this year's network reception at the Austrian Embassy, ​​hosted by Harald Mahrer, President of the Austrian Economic Chamber.

 It goes without saying that Hallstein water, the purest water of the Muhr family, from the Dachstein near Hallstatt could not be missing. Michael Linhart, Austrian Ambassador, and Michael Scherz, Embassy Counselor for Trade Affairs and Austrian Economic Delegate in Berlin, were pleased about a successful evening with around 250 invited guests from business, politics and culture. 

Among them were prominent Hallstein Wasser fans such as actors Mariella Ahrens and Bruno Eyron, Doris Brugger Dorissima, and Waldorf Astoria General Manager Gregor Andreewitch.

Phillip Muhr, Hallstein Wasser, added: "It is a fantastic idea to give the trend and superfoods from Austria such a platform and we are proud to be able to make an important contribution with our Hallstein Water. Because similar to champagne, which is only produced in the terroir of the Champagne growing region in France, the terroir of the Austrian Dachstein, in which the Hallstein spring is located, is so unique worldwide that this water, completely untreated and only perfected by nature, is pure and with Bottled artesian from the spring with the most ideal data."