Mechelen, Monday 6th February 2023 - In TRENDSURFING, Diplomatic World Institute Senior Advisor and trend watcher Bert Van Thilborgh guides you through the processes of change in our rapidly evolving, highly volatile and ambiguous society. This is the first Dutch-language methodological book in which the author clarifies the techniques of trend analysis and pours them into a structural model. In addition, the book provides tools and handles for readers to surf trends and ride the waves of innovation.

Bert observes, quantifies, explains and gives a future direction as to how trends can, moreover, develop further. In doing so, he chooses current, (inter)national examples and surfs to various domains, such as automotive, retail, tourism and hospitality, the luxury segment, media and entertainment, telecom and consumer electronics and various lifestyle sectors. But equally, he chooses examples from softer sectors, such as healthcare and the non-profit sector.

TRENDSURFING is a must-read management book for every trend-sensitive, trend-setting or leading CEO, board member, entrepreneur, marketer, innovation specialist, product developer and policy maker. After all, everyone wants to surf the waves of change. Bert Van Thilborgh's approach and personal style also challenge the reader to put on the trendsurfing suit himself.


BERT VAN THILBORGH is a historian, trend watcher and futurologist. He founded two successful marketing communication agencies in Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2016, Bert founded the trendwatching and innovation agency Futureproved. He is consulted to look ahead strategically, make future analyses, share trend insights or produce trend reports for companies.