WWIT Trophy Award

Winner Mr. Chris Sheldrick - CEO what3words


Barcelona/Brussels, November 11, 2022: Australian educational technology company, Indigital, and London- based location-technology company, what3words, are being respectively honoured with the 2021 and 2022 Wholistic World Innovation Trophy (WWIT). The exclusive global award celebrating technological and social innovation used to sustainably improve our societies was presented to the laureates at the Democracy4All Conference in Barcelona on November 10th. After its virtual premiere last year, the WWIT was presented to the 2021 and 2022 laureates, Indigital and what3words, in-person at Democracy4All conference, bringing together public value stakeholders and the tech world. Hosted at the amazing hall from the 13th century of Casa Llotja del Mar in Barcelona, both laureates received their own "Icarus", an art piece created by the internationally renowned Belgian-German artist, Ulrike Bolenz.

London based tech company "what3words" and its cofounder and CEO Chris Sheldrick are the 2022 exclusive laureates of the Wholistic World Innovation Trophy, WWIT. "Street addresses aren't accurate enough to specify precise locations. This makes it hard to find places and prevents people from describing exactly where help is needed in an emergency. what3words divided the world into 3-metre squares and gave each square a unique combination of three words. It's the easiest way to find and share exact locations, helping many businesses and individuals to optimize their actions. Therefore, the WWIT board unanimously decided in their final 2022 meeting to award the 2022 Wholistic World Innovation Trophy, WWIT.

Chris Sheldrick says: "We created what3words with the ambition of helping everyone talk about everywhere. From those working in emergency response teams, to teams carrying out humanitarian work in post-natural disaster hit places, to rewilding organisations and even hedgehog rescuers - we are proud that our tech is being used by so many to improve the societies we live in. We're delighted to be recognised as the WWIT's 2022 laureates for using our technology for good."

At the same occasion also last year's first laureate, the Australian edu-tech company INDIGITAL and its founder Mikaela Jade were honoured: "The combination of teaching digital skills and cultural heritage of ethnic niche groups has been uniquely accomplished by Indigital. The company focuses on Indigenous People, and the model provides a blueprint that can be easily adopted on other ethnic groups", the WWIT board unanimously decided in their final 2021 meeting.

Mikaela Jade says: "This is a wonderful acknowledgement of the work Indigital is doing in collaboration with First peoples across Australia and internationally. Receiving this award is not only an acknowledgment of the work the Indigital team have done, but for the many who have supported us and believed in Indigital's vision to create a more inclusive digital future for all."

"In both years we had a strong lineup in the shortlists, and it proves the quality of both our laureates that the board came to unanimous decisions after very short discussions. I'm happy that we found with the Democracy4All Conference and Ulrike Bolenz unique partners to develop the WWIT further in the coming years", says Dieter Brockmeyer, WWIT initiator and cofounder and director Innovation and TIME of the Diplomatic World Institute.

Vasilisa Marinchuk, cofounder of the D4A conference and director international relations of Centre Blockchain Catalonia says: "We were very happy to accommodate the first WWIT ceremony and because we think it is worth to provide great young companies and projects a stage to be recognized to show to the world what kind of work they are doing. We hope to see more projects loke this."

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