WWIT Laureate 2021

Ms. Mikaela Jade 
Unique Venture INDIGITAL to be the First Ever Recipient of the WWIT

(Sydney) - The first ever Wholistic World Innovation Trophy, WWIT has been awarded to the Australian EduTech company INDIGITAL. After two rounds of judging from an international panel of experts, INDIGITAL was the unanimous winner. The combination of teaching digital skills and cultural heritage of ethnic niche groups has been uniquely accomplished by INDIGITAL. The company focuses on indigenous people, but the model provides a blueprint that can be easily adopted on other ethnic groups. The organization has already been recognized beyond Australian borders and the jury felt that the work it is doing, and its mission are important enough to award the first Wholistic World Innovation Trophy, WWIT, to the INDIGITAL founder Mikaela Jade.

INDIGITAL was founded in 2014 by Ms. Jade, a Cabrogal Woman from the Dharug-speaking Nations of Sydney. It was Australia's first Indigenous Edu-tech company, specialising in technology development and digital skills training in augmented and mixed realities, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things and geospatial technologies.

The mission is to close the digital divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, by providing a meaningful pathway for Indigenous people into the digital economy and the creation of future technologies. They believe that together digital technologies can be used to express 80,000 years of human knowledge for generations to come.

"In our final board meeting of the WWIT's first season this February the decision was made very quickly and unanimously regardless of the competition with the other three very strong and promising finalists", says the 2021 the board president Gülden Türktan.

We congratulate Mikaela Jade and her unique venture INDIGITAL to be the first ever recipient of the WWIT!

Due to the Covid 19 crisis the physical award ceremony will be held together with the announcement of the winner of the 2nd season in an exclusive event scheduled for around March 2022. Please read about the stunning vision in the Diplomatic World interview with Indigital founder Mikale Jade and find out more about the WWIT board and the project.